The summer of 2012, we purchased our Spinone dream of an old farmhouse with acreage and a large pond. The balance of the year was quite hectic with the renovation and addition to the old farmhouse.
2013 UPDATE!!!! 2013 was a busy and productive year for us. In March we received our Dog Training Ground Permit and Game Breeder's License through Indiana DNR. The Dog Training Ground permit allows bobwhite quail and ring-necked pheasant that have been raised in captivity by a licensed game breeder to be released and taken for the purpose of training dogs. In Spring 2013 we added a Pole Barn, more fenced in area for the dogs, and a Flight Pen to hold gamebirds.
2016 UPDATE!!!! Spring 2015 we added another gamebird flight pen. Spring 2016 we have nice grass cover consisting of clover and orchard grass in our fields for working the dogs. We now have chickens!

flight pen

Flight Pen for Gamebirds


Quail Inside

Pigeon Loft

Pigeon Loft


Homing Pigeons Out Flying


Many Signs All Around the Dog Training Ground

just been baled

One of the Fields


Nice Pond


Pond with Another Field in Background

A Field with Another Field in Background

Leading into Fields. Road Leads to Pond and Back Field

Fenced in areas

Pole Barn and House with 2 Fenced in Areas

Our Spinoni Love to Swim!

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